HVLA Manipulation

Axis Physiotherapy and sports injury services in Wokingham are trained in HVT (High Velocity and Low amplitude thrust) and is

capable of using this technique, whenever this is appropriate to release joint stiffness and restore normal or optimum function.
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The high-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) method is one of the earliest and most commonly used chiropractic procedures. Most chiropractic care clinical studies have concentrated on the assessing effectiveness of this kind of spinal treatment, specifically low back, mid-back, as well as neck pain.

A 2010 report on professional medical information determined that spinal manipulation could be of great help for a number of types of conditions together with back pain, which includes migraine headaches as well as cervicogenic (neck-related) headaches, neck pain, upper- and lower-extremity joint disorders, and whiplash-associated symptoms.

Spinal Manipulation (HVLA) Techniques

There are numerous types of HVLA manipulation techniques. This informative article explains several of the more frequent HVLA spinal manipulation approaches:


Axis Physiotherapy Services in Wokingham are trained in Maitlands mobilisation

Maitlands technique involve the application of passive, accessory oscillatory movements spine and vertebral joints , to treat pain and stiffness of mechanical nature. The treatment aim is to restore motions of spin, glide, roll between joint surfaces. This requires high degree of motor skill from the practitioner.
Please note physiological motions can not be treated by exercises, but can be treated by mobilisations and manipulations.

The Maitland Concept


The Maitland Concept of Manipulative Therapy emphasises a particular thought process, ongoing analysis and evaluation and the art of manipulative physiotherapy (“know when, how and which processes to carry out, and adjust these to the Patient”) and a complete dedication to the suffering patient.
The effective use of the Maitland concept can certainly be on the peripheral or spinal joints, the two will need complex clarification and vary in terminology and results, nevertheless the primary theroetical method is comparable to both.
The theory is named after its founder Geoffrey Maitland who had been viewed as a master of musculoskletal physiotherapy, together with a number of his fellow workers.

Accessory Movement

 Accessory or joint play movements are generally joint actions that can’t be accomplished by the individual. These motions consist of roll, spin and slide that go along with physiological actions of a joint. The accessory movements are reviewed passively to evaluate range and symptom reaction in the open pack posture of a joint. Comprehending this concept of accessory movements as well as their problems is vital to using the Maitland concept medically.

Physiological Movement

 The exercises that can easily be accomplished and carried out positively by a person and could be evaluated for good quality and symptom reaction.
Injuring Movement – Generating the pain/symptoms ‘come on’ by shifting the joint in a certain direction throughout the clinical examination.


Over pressure is used to test the end feel of joint movements. This helps us to determine any restriction in joint movements there by causing movement dysfunction. Over pressure is also used to treat joint restrictions and movement dysfunction.

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