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Physiotherapy Treatments

Axis Physio in Wokingham, Berkshire offer one to one individual attention.

On your initial consultation you will get an intensive physical assessment. The examination can sometimes include checks to evaluate muscle flexibility, strength, joint mobility, ligament strength as well as other specific checks looking to determine why your body has broken down. This is going to help and evaluate ways to avoid the condition from coming back in the foreseeable future.

As soon as an issue has been diagnosed treatment solutions can be talked about. These might incorporate manual treatments tailored to your specific needs.

Physiotherapist will use the following methods:

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Electro therapy

Maintenance and preventive Exercises


Wokingham Physiotherapist Clinic Times

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Strictly by appointment only please contact us on Tel: 07803582599

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Medical Insurance

The clinic is approved by just about all major medical care insurance providers, such as: BUPA, PPP, Aviva, Cigna, Remedi, Standard Life, Legal and General, HSA as well as others.

You should seek the advice of the insurance companies ,as types of conditions and restrictions do differ.

Furthermore we can claim from your insurers instead of you.


It’s possible you’ll come right away without consulting your General practitioner. Then again, the Gp or the Medical specialist may possibly refer you to this clinic.

In case you are hunting for a physio in Wokingham and surrounding area who is a member of Health Professions Council, a Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and a member of Acupuncture Association of Chartered Society of Physiotherapist.

Other Physiotherapy Treatments

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Strictly by appointment only please give us a call on

Tel: 07803582599

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Medical Insurance

The clinic is recognised by all major health insurance companies, such as: BUPA, PPP, Norwich union, Cigna, Remedi, Standard Life, Legal and General, HSA and others. It is advisable to check with the insurers ,as conditions and limits do vary. We also can claim from the insurers on your behalf.


You may come directly without consulting your Gp. Alternatively, the Gp or the Specialist may refer you to this clinic.