Trigger Point Acupuncture

Trigger point acupuncture :- In myofascial dysfunction, there can be build up of Acetylcholine and Calcium resulting in painful taut band in the muscle, causing pain and dysfunctional movements.
Trigger point acupuncture dissipates these chemicals, resulting in relaxation of these muscles, and restoring normal movements. Trigger point acupuncture has very beneficial effects in sports injuries, chronic and acute conditions, including arthritic hips and knees.
The effects of Trigger point acupuncture are cumulative, often needing 6 to 8 sessions of treatment.

Mobilisation Physiotherapist in ,Axis Physiotherapy Services is trained in Maitlands mobilisation

Maitlands technique involve the application of passive, accessory oscillatory movements spine and vertebral joints , to treat pain and stiffness of mechanical nature. The treatment aim is to restore motions of spin, glide, roll between joint surfaces. This requires high degree of motor skill from the practitioner.
Please note physiological motions can not be treated by exercises, but can be treated by mobilisations and manipulations

Manipulation:- Physiotherapist in Axis Physiotherapy and sports injury services is trained in HVT (High Velocity and Low amplitude thrust) and is capable of using this technique, whenever this is appropriate to release joint stiffness and restore normal or optimum function.

Electro therapy. Axis Clinic, may use electro therapy such as   or ultrasound or both as part of the treatment , to relieve pain, and assist healing.


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